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Why Big Law Firms Don't Like Solo Inventors

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Big patent law firms don’t like solo inventors – there’s too much work and inefficiency for it to be worthwhile. Large law firms are built on a revenue model that aims to maximize billable hours for the attorneys, but there are a number of extra hours that are required when dealing with solo inventors that can’t be billed, such as providing guidance as to where the client may find help with prototyping and commercializing the idea.

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Big law firm attorneys typically deal with counsel from larger corporations that are familiar with the patent process and simply need outside counsel to strategically execute the patent filings. For solo inventors, depending on the client, there is some educating to do regarding the patent process and what the client may expect from the USPTO. Big law attorneys can’t fairly bill out this education process, and for this reason generally prefer corporate clients. In addition, corporate clients typically have a number of patent applications for large firms to work on simultaneously, rather than just one filing that could get lost in the shuffle.

Big law firms reward attorneys for billing more hours, rather than producing the best result for the lowest cost. MU Patents flat-rate model ensures we never bill more based on the time it takes so we’re not spending unnecessary time drawing the process out. Our process always starts with the initial education phase with clients about the patent process on no-charge phone calls and we proceed from there within a price bracket affordable to solo inventors.

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