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Top 5 Christmas Patents


Only 5 days left until Christmas! To celebrate, we share our team's picks for the top 5 Christmas patents. Let us know which is your favorite! 

  1. Santa Claus Detector

According to the patent abstract, this is a children’s stocking device used to signal the arrival of Santa Clause by illuminating a decorative light source on the stocking through a power source located within the device. This works by pulling a cord across the fireplace that can be tugged to light up the stocking. Of course, if pulled in secrecy by a grownup, the children are meant to think that Santa set off the trap when visiting. Hopefully it sends them to their room to stay on the nice list and wait for Santa to leave their presents. Seems like this patent is capable of a Christmas miracle!Screen_Shot_2015-12-15_at_4.52.35_PM.png


  1. Cactus Christmas tree

The only question we have is why someone would need anything else to gather their family around this season?! From now on, at our office we vow to set the merry season with a Christmas Cactus lit up and decorated with all the toppings. 


  1. Automatic Christmas tree fire extinguisher

Apparently, Thanksgiving deep friend turkey fires have some competition for holiday disasters. House fires caused by Christmas trees have been a problem since trees were brought into our homes. So, this savvy inventor thought “why not make the star on top of the tree useful and fill it with water that breaks open in the event of a fire?” Genius. Safety first, folks!


  1. Edible Gift-Wrap for Pets

Puppy owners rejoice! All those presents you spoiled Fido with this year can be wrapped with edible gift-wrapping paper, safe for consumption for particular breeds. Now your pooches can eat their way to their new chew toys with a variety of wrapping paper flavors – just make sure not to wrap the wrong presents or the dog may go for dad’s new sweater instead! 


  1. Snowball Gun

Looking for an advantage in the next family snowball fight? Well, if you don’t mind the potential to cause some serious damage to your opponents (that certain snot nosed cousin, perhaps?), this is all you need. The snowball gun forms and fires off pellets of snow. Nothing says happy holidays like ice flying at your face!



Cheers and have a wonderful holiday,

The MU Patents team



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