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Great Inventions of the 21st Century Roundup


The list below is a round up of our latest tech discoveries and why you need them in your life now.

Innovation in the 21st century isn't about creating something completely new, it's about enhancing our lives by solving every day problems with new technology. This series aims to provide the latest aims to encourage innovation and celebrate the latest inventions that are working to change the way we live in the world.

Ranked in order from our top favorite on down. Tell us which of these inventions you need most! 

1. The Compact Wearable Fitness Tracker For Your Posture 

 A wearable fitness tracker that keeps tabs on your posture. Do you know how you sit or stand? Just attach the Lift to your shirt, under your collar bone and it will track your activity levels and movement patterns to show you how much you slouch or misalign your body throughout the day. It will even give you a vibrate every time you slip up. In the age of people huddled over devices all day, this could be what prevents the human race from developing hunchbacks.

2. The Sproutling Baby Monitor

What's that you hear? That's the collective sigh of relief from all new parents around the world. This baby monitor has multiple working parts that all connect to your phone. It has a heart monitor to track of the baby is alive or you know, asleep, what mood it's in, the breathing pattern. It can tell you how long your baby is asleep and the average time it sleeps. It even has a volume sensor for in case something is happening in the baby's room. Basically, the monitor has it all so that new parents can have something they normally do not: peace of mind.

3. Pantelligent






Let's discuss the awesome parts of this pan that make it so smart: it has a temperature sensor inside and monitoring tech that talks through an app. This means the next time you host a major holidy for the family at your place, you can juggle multiple dishes and the pan will tell you when to flip, when to stir, to add ingredients and to adjust the heat. We'll just call this our next best friend. 

4. Nima Sensor Portable Gluten Tester

With the rise of celiacs disease diagnosis, a gluten tester could be life saving. Enter the Nima Sensor, a portable, compact gluten tester that enables you to test your food (liquid and solid) in under two minutes. It's not for sale to the general market yet - but it's gained quite the following and will provide, practical, simple help to those gluten intolerant. 

5.  Microsoft HoloLens

At $3000, this headset is a self-contained computer on your head. You can scan every dimension of the space that you are in and create a completely new environtment. The experience is a mixed reality of what's around you and what's on the web, basically altering your reality while still keeping the real world in tact. Very sci-fi thriller movie.

6. 3D Object Manipulation In Photos

Creates effects within a photograph that would be traditionally impossible, using real, 3-D scanned items to place in 2-D realms. You can even create an animation within a photo to create a completely new statement. This is something that you could waste away hours doing! Not to mention the possibilities for advertisers with this technology.

7. Magic Leap AR Headset

Magic Leap is known as one of the most secretive tech companies in the world. Thier recent patent for an AR Headset design gives us a look into what the company has in store for the future. We'll stay tuned for when this hits the market.



Now that you know what's out there, go explore more! See all the innovations happening and think of what you could do. If you have an idea for an invention that you want to protect, give us a call: 858.263.7554

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