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The Next Big Thing in Patents


MU Patents discusses what industries will be booming for patents and what that means for innovators and the public alike.

When we look at the next big thing in patents, we turn to the fields which are leading innovation. The merging of the biotech and physical engineering worlds is professed to be the next large wave of inventions, close to if not bigger than the surge of inventions following the implementation of electricity into all the gadgets that we use in the 21century. As technologies move from micro to nano to femto and translate directly into hardware devices, the combination of these hardware technologies is finding its practical use in areas of medicine, medical research and biotechnology.

Internet, hardware and software giants are expanding their business scope to include medical research and applied biotechnology. They are seeking out highly specialized experts in fields, totally unrelated to their current industry, to find new ways of expanding the application of known and emerging technologies into known biological functions. The fusion of these industries is taking place internally and not merely as third party contractors, who are paid on a project basis, showing the investment that is being made in this type of expansion. There is a vast amount of unexplored territory in the space for implementing for example, digital, holographic and nano devices in medicine, both in a health care facility setting and in the home. Trickles of this new species of invention already exist, however the full wrath of possibilities has not even begun to simmer. Even by a conservative estimate, the permutations and combinations of possibilities in this area are quite significant.

These technologies will inevitability see a new surge of applications at the patent office and a new line of diagnostic and therapeutic products for the public at large. In turn, insurance companies will absorb these as approved tools for healthcare administration and further reduce costs in potentially simplified yet more sophisticated testing and treatment methods.

So, if you're in the biotech and engineering field, you may be at the cutting edge of the next big thing in patents. We're excited to see what you can invent!



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