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5 Startups to know about (and learn from).


 It may seem like startups are everywhere these days, especially if you’re located on the West Coast. However, according to Forbes, 9 out of 10 startups fail. Why? Forbes cites a CB Insights report that the number-one reason for failure, as polled by startups, is the lack of market need for their product.

Below, the MU Patents team created a list of 5 startups we wouldn’t bet against – despite the odds.
  1. Code4Startup: According to Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday, it’s no longer enough to be a top-notch traditional marketer hacking away at the tried and true advertising style of the Mad Men era. Growth Hacker Marketers need basic skills in coding, social metrics and communications to be effective. Enter Code4Startup – they take current startup sites and teach users how to code from cloning these sites. The perfect way for marketers to get coding quickly and gain the skills they need to keep up in their industry.
  1. Squeezy Co.: This (incubator) startup will deliver merchandise from US stores anywhere in the world. All of our team members have lived abroad at one point in our lives so we know exactly how much the international market will appreciate this service. Nothing is more frustrating than online shopping only to realize your country is ineligible for shipping.
  1. Cyber Dust: Think Snapchat meets iOS group chat. This is a free app that offers heavily encrypted, self-destructing messaging. Users can create communities, gain followers, and send group blasts, completely privately. The digital age is creating a strong sense of personal privacy loss and people are getting worried (read the PEW Research Center’s data on American’s views on the importance of privacy in every day life.), apps that allow people to continue their digital social behavior safely, will grow in demand.
  1. Bowery: A web developers dream – this is a cloud-based automation of a development environment - the set up and configuration of a developer’s tools, software, and applications. Typically, this takes hours. can create an account, hook up Amazon Web Services keys and go through that initial configuration process so that a team member can set up an identical development environment in 30 seconds. Developers and coders are on high demand; startups aiming to make their life easier, which in turn create a more productive workspace for their employers, turning profit quickly and efficiently, will be rewarded.
  1. Havenly: Any homeowner knows how difficult it can be to decorate your rooms and feel satisfied with the result. Cue Havenly, their professionals decorate your spaces for you, at a flat fee of 185 dollars. You choose which pieces to keep and then it delivers to your door. Talk about a market that will never go out of style (knock on your new Cherry Oak wood nightstand)!


*MU Patents has no relationship or investment in any of the above-mentioned startups and is writing on personal opinion and business forecasting.


What do these top 5 startups to know have in common? They understand the market, hone in on exactly what people need and are seeking out, and deliver that in a simple to use app.



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