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San Diego Patent Attorney - What do you do?


To give you an idea of the patent subject matter filed by patent attorneys in San Diego, the main areas of intellectual property are:

  • Biotech, due to the large number of pharma and biotech companies in San Diego
  • Electrical inventions due to the presence of Qualcomm, which is one of the world’s largest patent filers on a year-over-year basis.
  • Mechanical inventions such as a weapons, appliances. San Diego has a strong military precense with Naval and Marine bases in the area.

MU Patents practice generally serves smaller companies and solo inventors, and we try to be affordable patent attorneys for our clientele. Our patent subject matter breakdown slightly differs from the standard San Diego practices:

  • App patents
  • Mechanical inventions
  • Electrical-engineering inventions

Due to the volume of patents for app ideas we are filing and prosecuting, we have become skilled at dealing with the standard objections to app patents from the USPTO such as Alice objectsion and have had success getting a great number through to allowance. 

We have a four part blog series on how the Alice Series works. The first post can be viewed here: "Pool of Tears"



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