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Patent Application Drawings: To DIY or Not?


MU Patents explains options and price points:

Drawings form a very important part of your patent description when you are in the process of disclosing your invention to a patent office. Whenever you are in doubt of whether to include a patent drawing or not, always lean on the side of including rather than not including, to ensure you're providing substantial resources to back your claims. The only areas of art that may not benefit from drawings are chemical and biotech related applications, where formulae and sequences serve in place of drawings.

If your application descriptions are slightly lacking in detail, then a detailed drawing may allow a patent attorney to rely on the patent application drawing as support for a key aspect of your invention that may help towards obtaining your patent. A drawing in the patent application can have many interpretations and can say substantially more about your invention than an excessive amount of words could substitute, so always include a drawing where you can. Be sure to capture any movements, connections, configurations, methods and parts that go towards the novelty aspect of your invention.

Depending on the complexity of your invention or the details that you are trying to convey, it may be worth delegating your patent application drawings to an experienced draftsperson. These drawings typically cost in the range of $50-$120 per figure. If your draftsperson has experience in drawing for patent applications, you will have the added benefit of knowing you will meet the formal requirements – for example among other requirements, no shading or text should appear on your drawings.

Drawing the figures yourself, with more simple software applications might be an option for you if your figures have less complicated flowcharts or structural components. It’s important to note however that for example, photocopies of photos of a prototype will not be accepted by a patent office. Balancing the level of detail that you require, the complexity of your invention and your ability to draw adequate figures should go towards your decision as to whether you should draw your figures yourself or recruit an expert to do it for you.

If you want to learn more about hiring a professional for your patent application drawings or to discuss your patent application, call MU Patents at 858.263.7554.



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