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Our Must Have CES 2016 Inventions

 CES 2016 inventions boasted an amazing amount of tantalizing tech innovation to watch for this year. Below is our list of the top 5 products we wish we could take home.
1. Digitally re-mastered cinematic classics are great. Re-designs of the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and other classic-turned-modern models are great. Retro-style electronics…? The notion seems to be an oxymoron, but Polaroid’s new snap instant camera is an excellent update to a beloved form of instant photography. While Hipsters may have prevented the traditional Polaroid from going away, the snap’s 10.0 MP resolution and integrated printer merge classic tangible photography with digital capabilities.

CES-Polaroid-Snap-invention.jpg2. 3D printing was definitely not just a fad. The Artec Shapify Booth at the CES 2016 has added another layer to the 3D printing capability. Have you ever thought of scanning something to a 3D print job? What about a “selfie”? That is exactly what the Shapify Booth does. Stand on the platform, allow for the scan, and you have the ability to manipulate and print a 3D version of anyone. While this may not be as earthshattering as 3D printed organs or micro-processors, it still deserves a must-have tag.

CES-artec-shapify-3D-booth.jpg3. Maybe the most “take-my-money” gadget is the EHang 184 passenger capable drone. Are you scared because you cannot fly a real helicopter? All you have to do is ensure your EHang 184 has a full charge and sit back while you play a flight simulator. The claimed 10 mile may be a slight blemish, but what it lacks in distance capabilities is easily made up in convenience. You can fly the 5 miles to the nearest grocery store, and the EHang 184 folds up to fit in a single parking space.

CES-EHang-184.jpg4. LG debuted their OLED display. It is a paper thin LED display with great resolution and the ability to be rolled up like a news paper. If the Ipad and the Kindle did not do away with books, maybe reading an eBook on the OLED, that feels like paper, will.

CES-LG-Rollable-OLED.jpg5. Finally, how are our New Years Resolutions working out? Maybe they would be going a lot better if you had the SCiO scanner. This handheld device will help keep you on track with a simple 10-second investment of time while it analyzes the nutritional content of food! A seemingly simple point and shoot operation at a food with unknown nutritional value will allow the SCiO to output caloric content, among other data. I don’t think it can stop you from eating the chocolate chip cookies, but it may play to the little voice on your shoulder suggesting the vegetables.



 Let us know which invention you can't live without in the future in the comment section below!



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