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MU Patents Fights to File Patents Direct in Canada


We’re attempting to change the laws of patent filing between the US and Cananda and our team at MU Patents wants you to be a part of the movement!

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) originally intended reciprocity between USPTO-registered and Canadian patent agents with respect to the ability to file patents. Present day, the Canadian attorneys and agents are able to file directly with the USPTO while the US patent attorneys and agents are not able to do the same in Canada.

Instead, US patent attorneys are required to use a Canadian patent agents as the middleman for any correspondence with CIPO, the Canadian patent office. The lack of reciprocity results in US patent attorneys' clients being required to pay additional fees in order to additionally hire a Canadian agent mediator. Meanwhile, Canadians are able to seamlessly file in the United States themselves. 

Given the original intention of NAFTA to create a relationship between the patent offices and agents in both Canada and the United States we think its time to level the playing field. By signing this petition you will be a part of a landmark moment in the patent community. Join us in demanding fairness, tell the USPTO you want to file patents directly in Canada

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