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How to: Maintain your Startup Mindset


As more and more startups begin rolling out, we want to share the core practices of successful businesses to help you maintain your startup mindset for growth and continued relevance in the marketplace.

5 Simple tips:

1. Keep your mind open – continue to try different things, test them, and be adaptable to keep what works and discard what doesn’t. This goes for product development as well as marketing and administration. Oftentimes, once a company gets out of the start-up mindset, they continue to work their formula even though the world around them is changing.

2. Have team members mix and match jobs – it keeps things interesting and ensures everyone keeps learning. It’s amazing how things learned in other areas are able to improve your core process or offering, and improve overhead.

3. As your business grows, develop a capable team you and the other members of the team enjoy working with, since you probably spend more time with them than anyone else. You want your team of 50 to reflect the same values you had in mind with your original team of five. This builds a unique company culture that gives the team greater purpose, and helps the company achieve uncommon success.

4. Give team members ownership in the business. Business owners tend to take more pride in their work and in the future of the company, it will be more satisfying for all to share in the success of the company down the line.

5. Have time with the team outside of the office to enjoy each other’s company and brainstorm on new ideas. Creative spaces include coffee shops and lunch destinations, and can make for a fun way to work once in a while.

Anything we missed? Share your brilliant startup strategies in the comment section below. Learning is always part of the startup process!



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