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How much does it cost to patent an idea?


You've invested countless hours and brain power into your invention and it's finally ready to present to the world. The next question on your mind - "How much is it going to cost me to protect my idea?" Below we provide a comparetive outline of patent procedure and costs for boutique law firms across the US against MU Patent costs.

The cost of filing a patent involves:

  1. Drafting and filing the initial application
  2. Prosecuting the application before the USPTO
  3. Paying official issue fess and post-issuance maintenance fees


According to AIPLA, the following are the average attorney fees charged by a typical intellectual property boutique firm in 2007 (adjusted for inflation):

The average cost of preparing a utility patent application:

  • Preparation and filing of original application of minimal complexity by small patent firm (10 page specification, 10 claims) = $9,634.94 + official fees
  • Relatively complex biotechnology/chemical cases = $17,355.96 + official fee
  • Relatively complex mechanical cases = $12,942.02 + official fee
  • Relatively complex electrical/computer cases = $15,424.02 + official fee


The average cost for filing an office action response/amendment:

  • Minimal complexity = $2,529.34
  • Relatively complex biotechnology/chemical case = 5013.59
  • Relatively complex electrical/computer case = $4407.18
  • Relatively complex mechanical case is = $3,951.81
  • Plus extension fees (if response filed late) + Request foe Continued Examination


Post-allowance and issuance fees:

Once a patent is allowed, and issue fees are paid, the patent will issue. The current issue fee is $480 for a small entity. Patent maintenance fees are due at 3.5, 7.5 and 11.5 years after issuance. The current small entity/micro entity maintenance fees are $800/$400 at 3.5 years, $1800/$900 at 7.5 years and $3700/$1850 at 11.5 years.


MU Patents Fees

Our typical fees for preparing a patent application range from a flat rate of $3000 to around $3500 depending on the complexity and number of inventions in the application. We can include more than one invention in a single application to save you costs. These inventions can then still be separated during prosecution where a divisional can be filed for the second invention.

Our fees for full office action responses including claims amendments is a flat rate of $999, with higher fees required where the specification must be rewritten. Our success rate with office actions is around 85%.

Contact a MU Patents professional today to discuss rates and terms of application further at 858.263.7554.



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