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Part 2: Great Inventions of the 21st Century Roundup


Our pursuit of finding the best inventions of the 21st century continues! This week we round up another seven inventions that have sparked our interest. 

We found innovation accross sectors, from what's new in tech to social media, our list focuses on what's enhancing our lives in ways we didn't realize - that's what makes inventors so important: they solve the problems we don't know we have until there is a better way. Ranked in order from our top favorite on down. Tell us which of these inventions you need most!


Facebook changed how we consume news, interact with our surroundings, treat bullies, keep in touch, consume brands, and view privacy. Facebook changed the world and CEO Mark Zucherberg has been clear that he isn't done innovating!

2. YouTube 

Does anyone even remember a world before video tutorials? We're not sure how we ever would have learned how to fix our cars or attempt the latest food craze without it. In reality, YouTube has done far more than that. It's been able to connect people all around the world to share our cultures and even get talented people discovered (Justin Beiber anyone?). 

3. iPhone

Reach into your pocket. We bet your hand just closed around your iPhone. (Yes we understand people still use androids but let's be honest, the iphone is probably the most universal device out there.) The iPhone was the smartphone to put a computer at our fingertips and in our back pockets. Every year apple surprises us with new features, advanced technology, all while staying userfriendly. Not a simple feate. 

4. CHiP the Robot Dog

The world is falling in love with this adorable dog robot - a new spin on man's best friend. Teach your kids how to take care of a pet without the mess. This dog can respond to human touch, command, and emotions. It's behavior will adapt based on your reactions to it. The dog is connected to a smart watch and app so it's owner can reward it for good behavior, monitor it's needs and even translate what it's saying! 

5. FLI Charge

A wireless charging station for any device, simultaneously! Put a FLI case on your device and using conductive charging, all you need to do is set your device on the pad and it's connected. No radiation and safe to touch. Plus you can use your device while it's charging with no slow down effect. Plus it looks pretty cool too!

6. HUB by Ekko

Ekko works by connecting any sound source to one or more headphones through its built-in Wi-Fi technology to provide a real-time listening experience. It allows multiple users to share and enjoy the same high-quality audio through their own headphones or attached to a speaker. This will change the way people watch movies, play video games or host a party. It can even be used to set up a wireless multi-room audio system using your existing stereo systems. No wires, no problems.


Launched two years ago & already boasts about 60 million users, and climbing. The company is raising $100 million in funding and is currently valued at $500 million! This app let's users create, listen to, and share music-based videos with each other. Unlike other social music networks like Spotify or Shazam which is based on sharing artist's music, allows “musers” to create and upload their own music videos and comedy skits and discover eachother.


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