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Cube Cities Granted Patents in the United States and Japan

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The below is a press release from our client, Cube Cities. We're happy to have had a long, succesful relationship and look forward to future innovations from this team. 


Austin, TX – July 21st 2016 – Cube Cities, the floor-level technology platform for visualizing building information, announces that it has been granted a US patent for a method and system of visualizing building information, patent US 8,977,521 B2 and a patent in Japan for Creating and Linking 3D Spatial Objects with Dynamic Data and Visualizing Said Objects in Geographic Information Systems (Japan).

This new patent reinforces that Cube Cities is on the leading edge of 3D building data visualization, vertical information search and the commercial real estate industry’s move towards greater data transparency.

As real estate data consumer preferences evolves, Cube Cities’ technology can greatly enhances the analysis of property information by reducing the time required and improving the accuracy of understanding building data.

The patents cover inventions built into the Cube Cities platform, and show Cube Cities’ continuing investment in 3D visualization technology.

“Cube Cities hasbeen a pioneer and innovator in discrete floor-level data visualization and with this technical development we can continue to bring more powerful analysis tools to market and improve location-based decision making across the commercial real estate industry,“ according to Greg Angevine, Cube Cities’ CEO.

Cube Cities’ patent portfolio includes patents issued in Canada, Mexico and Singapore and approximately 30 pending patent applications pending.

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