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When Do I Copyright my App?


The purpose of a copyright is to protect two main aspects of an app:

  1. The look and feel of the app design: Usually copyright is approached as the mobile app development is nearing completion and the look and feel are finalized.
  2. The code that makes the app work and runs the back end: The code and images representing the look and feel can be filed with the copyright office once the mobile app is published. 

If you want to file, you will need to give a copyright expert the information you want protected, the authors of the information and the date of publication. You’ll also need to let them know the owner’s information and whether the work was done for hire. Then they will be enabled to prepare and file the application and report to you on all developments.

Once filed, there will be a confirmation of your filing, and a copyright registration gives you a date on which you created the work, and a record of the work with a presumption of validity.


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