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New Garment Sizing App Available in App Store Now


Our client, George Haddad, aimed to solve a common problem: ordering clothes online only to find they don’t fit right. “That’s why there are sizing charts!” Some may say. But a size 8 is not always the same across brands; you’ve probably learned that the hard way. Plus who knows what 26 inches relates to for their torso height? Well, now you will.

MU Patents is happy to announce the launch of patented mobile app, Button Fashion.

Button Fashion enables you to figure out your precise fit by enabling you to measure your proportions with just a picture of yourself. How it works is that the app actually scales the different parts of your body, measuring your height, torso length, leg length, and arm length. The app also takes into account your body type. Curved back, beer belly? No problem. It will make sure that’s calculated and then find the clothes that fit you perfectly, so you can avoid the hassle of having to return what you buy online, forever.

Made for men and women. Button Fashion is currently free in the app store for a limited time.

Let’s reiterate how easy this is to use…

  1. Take a photo of your full body (mirror pictures finally have a use!)
  2. Pinch the screen to expand or contract three measurements.
  3. Provide a few more key details about your body type

… and now you’re ready to find that sweet jacket you’ve been dreaming about.

Save your precise fit so it’s available when you go shopping for clothes next time. Let’s be honest, your next online shopping session is going to be sooner than later.


Download the app free here.



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