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Average Non Provisional Patent Costs


While a provisional application merely reserves your filing date, a non-provisional patent application is a full application that will be examined and can mature into an issued patent. To give you an idea of the total costs of a non-provisional, from filing through to issuance, including patent attorney fees and USPTO official fees, we’ll break down the typical costs by year:


This assumes a properly drafted patent to avoid a formalities office action, which is usually received within 3 months of a filing and objects to one or more issues of form. This also assumes a single invention (otherwise you will be required to respond to a restriction requirement and limit the application to a single invention) and cost per office action, the average being two office actions per nonprovisional patent application.

Once the patent issues, there are maintenance fees due 3.5, 7.5 and 11.5 years after issue, and these maintenance fees are outlined below:


If the maintenance fees are not paid, the application will become abandoned and lapse, but can be revived if the error was unintentional.


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