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Women in Tech: Margaret Knight

5 Back to School Tech Items You Need this Fall

CRISPR - Life Altering Genetic Innovation

2016 Best of Del Mar Award Recipient

How to Protect Your App Idea

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Why Big Law Firms Don't Like Solo Inventors

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Cost of International PCT Patent Application

Average Non Provisional Patent Costs

Cube Cities Granted Patents in the United States and Japan

Part 2: Great Inventions of the 21st Century Roundup

New Garment Sizing App Available in App Store Now

Great Inventions of the 21st Century Roundup

Great Inventors #2: Elon Musk

Great Inventors #1: Robert Kearns

App Protection: Copyright or Patent?

How Patents Help Promote Innovation (Infograph)

When Do I Copyright my App?

Presidents: They're Inventors too

Copyrights: Why Fair Use Matters

Can I patent my app idea?

Worst Kept Secret of Pro Se Filing

European Patent Law: What you need to know

Our Must Have CES 2016 Inventions

Do I need a confidentiality agreement?

Should I grant a Power of Attorney?

Trademarks: 13 Crazy Celebrity applications

Future Innovators: Educational Children's Toys

Resolve to make your patents happen this New Years!

6 Celebrity Patents You Didn't Know Exist

Top 5 Christmas Patents

The True Inventor... who is entitled to a piece of your pie?

Go For It. (Your patent, that is.)

Why don’t my patent claims sound like what my invention actually is?

Why pop music all sounds the same: A songwriting formula

#MondayMUsings "Software Patents Lead to Patent Trolls," a response

Invention of the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

One Weird Tip to Reduce Patent Prosecution Costs

The Next Big Thing in Patents

Monday Musings: Direct competition clause

Patent Application Drawings: To DIY or Not?

Learn to fail better & achieve success

Top 3 tips for preparing to file your patent application

How much does it cost to patent an idea?

Congrats your patent is approved! Now, how do you make money?

5 Startups to know about (and learn from).

Patent Law Basics 101: Protect your invention

MU Patents: Who we are, what we do, why we do it.

How to: Maintain your Startup Mindset

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