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Women in Tech: Margaret Knight

5 Back to School Tech Items You Need this Fall

CRISPR - Life Altering Genetic Innovation

2016 Best of Del Mar Award Recipient

How to Protect Your App Idea

Legalzoom Provisional Patent Application a Waste

Why Big Law Firms Don't Like Solo Inventors

San Diego Patent Attorney - What do you do?

Cost of International PCT Patent Application

Average Non Provisional Patent Costs

Cube Cities Granted Patents in the United States and Japan

Part 2: Great Inventions of the 21st Century Roundup

New Garment Sizing App Available in App Store Now

Great Inventions of the 21st Century Roundup

Great Inventors #2: Elon Musk

Great Inventors #1: Robert Kearns

App Protection: Copyright or Patent?

How Patents Help Promote Innovation (Infograph)

MU Patents Fights to File Patents Direct in Canada

When Do I Copyright my App?

Presidents: They're Inventors too

Copyrights: Why Fair Use Matters

Can I patent my app idea?

Worst Kept Secret of Pro Se Filing

European Patent Law: What you need to know

Our Must Have CES 2016 Inventions

Do I need a confidentiality agreement?

Should I grant a Power of Attorney?

Trademarks: 13 Crazy Celebrity applications

Future Innovators: Educational Children's Toys

Resolve to make your patents happen this New Years!

6 Celebrity Patents You Didn't Know Exist

Top 5 Christmas Patents

The True Inventor... who is entitled to a piece of your pie?

Go For It. (Your patent, that is.)

Why don’t my patent claims sound like what my invention actually is?

Why pop music all sounds the same: A songwriting formula

#MondayMUsings "Software Patents Lead to Patent Trolls," a response

Invention of the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

One Weird Tip to Reduce Patent Prosecution Costs

The Next Big Thing in Patents

Monday Musings: Direct competition clause

Patent Application Drawings: To DIY or Not?

Learn to fail better & achieve success

Top 3 tips for preparing to file your patent application

How much does it cost to patent an idea?

Congrats your patent is approved! Now, how do you make money?

5 Startups to know about (and learn from).

Patent Law Basics 101: Protect your invention

“Off With His Head!” How-to: Draft applications to overcome Alice

“A Mad Tea Party” Transform patent-ineligible subject matter with 'significantly more'

“The Mock Turtle's Story” What Alice considers an Abstract Idea

“The Pool of Tears” What you need to know about the Alice Decision

MU Patents: Who we are, what we do, why we do it.

How to: Maintain your Startup Mindset

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