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6 Celebrity Patents You Didn't Know Exist


These celebrities took their talents to the next level by using their talents to create invent devices to further their careers and personal lives. See below for our list of 6 celebrity patents:

  1. PAULA ABDUL: Dynamic microphone support apparatus US 20090196451 A1

 As we know, a smic stand is flat-bottomed, and meant to stay in one position on the stage. What you may not know, is it’s heavy for a performer to drag across the stage during a performance. Enter Paula Abdul’s invention, a "dynamic microphone support apparatus,” which has a rounded base filled with cement and a flat cover on the base so the weight of a user applied in any direction will cause the base to tilt with respect to the surface in that direction. It may look unstable, but because the base is weighted, the singer can stand on top and move around without fear of falling over. With Abdul’s legendary pop dance moves, we trust that this invention can stand any test.


  1. EDDIE VAN HALEN: Musical Instrument Support US 4656917 A

Eddie Van Halen's signature sound includes is his amazing guitar technique – in fact, he’s known as one of the best guitar players of all time. However, this has been earned, in part, due to Van Halen’s invention of a support that flips out of the back of his axe's body to raise and stabilize the fret board. Proof that it pays not only to be skilled but also to stay innovative.



  1. MICHAEL JACKSON: Method and means for creating anti-gravity illusions US 5255452 A

WARNING: We are about to shatter the magical illusion of how Michael Jackson defied gravity. No, he wasn’t super human; he and two co-inventors created a device to achieve one of his signature grafity-defying dance moves. How does it work? He wore a pair of specially designed shoes with high ankle supports that would hitch into a device hidden beneath the stage. Pretty far-out thinking for the early 90s.


  1. JAMIE LEE CURTIS: Infant Garment US 4753647 A

Unlike other celebrities in our list, Jaimie Lee Curtis’s invention does not directly relate to her profession. She instead designed and patented a disposable diaper that includes a waterproof pocket to hold baby wipes. Curtis has a passion for the environment and has decided not to license the patent until diaper companies make biodegradable products. You go CuCu!


  1. BILL NYE: Toe shoe US 6895694 B2

What can Bill Nye not do?! Our favorite scientist and educator can ad inventor to his list of skills and qualifications (his LinkedIn must be out of control!) with the invention of the “toe shoe,” a better ballet pointe shoe. As we know, ballet dancers feet take a serious beating. Nye sought to help alleviate dancers’ discomfort. His patented design takes into account the forces exerted upon a dancer's body when dancing pointe and provides additional support from the "toe box" located in the toe of the toe shoe for “longitudinal support.” That Bill, always keeping us on our toes.


  1. JULIE NEWMAR: Pantyhose with shaping band for cheeky derriere relief US 3914799 A

It’s no surprise that Catwomen actress, Julia Newman, who had to dress in tight, form fitting leather from head to toe, is the inventor of the tummy tucking, butt lifting: “Pantyhose with shaping band for cheeky derriere relief.” According to the patent description (and millions of women in the last two decades) what made this invention novel is the “elastic shaping band attached to the rear panty portion and connected from the vicinity of the crotch to the vicinity of the waist band to fit between the wearer's buttocks. Thank you, Julie! We applaud you.



Stay tuned for celebrity patents round 2 being released soon!


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